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A Sensory Diet

We experience the world through...

  • Vision
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Vestibular (Balance)
  • Proprioception (Body awareness)
  • Interoception (Sate of internal organs -pain, heat, illness, hunger, toileting, etc.)

We live in a multi-sensory world and as all of our needs are part of a jigsaw.

All children deserve to know how to live in a fully inclusive environment and a

sensory diet is working towards this. They will have sensory circuits and support  for the needs within the environment.

A sensory diet is a specialist support for the school which helps us bring together the individual’s needs, the school environment, support from Outreach, Health teams and home.

We are always learning about Sensory diets—they may change but it is likely that your child will always need this as part of their learning if identified with this through specialist advice.