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Alfie Moreton's Literary Award Story

                                                         Super Gerbil
One day, there was a city called Liverpool, and on a certain street there lived a boy called Michael, a mum called Lucy, a dad called Tom and a gerbil called Hammy. Hammy was an ordinary gerbil until one day ..........
The family decided to go out for a bit of a holiday. Hammy was put in the boot. Then, when they were on the motorway, a half asleep driver switched onto the wrong lane...... another truck came and .... CRASH!
Both of the contents were combined into a chemical reaction that caused you to have superpowers! Then a splash of it headed for the car as Michael opened the window. It flew through as Michael gave a loud "Ahhh!" with shock.
Gulp! came from the boot.
"Oh, no!" mum said, "Hammy ate the chemical reaction and he might have died"!
"Squeak" activated the superpowers. hammy flew around .... and put his paw out of the window. WHOOSH! "Hammmmmmmy" Michael shouted as Hammy got blown away from the car.
In a nearby city a robbery was taking place. When Super Gerbil arrived at the city he heard the news from his new friend Len.
"Squeak", Hammy said. then he suddenly felt wierd.
Woosh! Kick! Smack!
The robber was kicked in his stomach and then went to jail.
"Well that is the end", said Super Gerbil shockingly. "Now, my family".
"What!? Len shouted. "You're staying here Super Gerbil".
"No, I'm going", Super Gerbil shouted as he flew away.
Meanwhile back at their house everybody had burst into tears. But then a crash came from the window. It was Hammy!
"Hammy!", they shouted, as he flew in the cage.
The next day he was on the front page of the newspaper.