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Autumn 1 advice archive

The following advice was available on our COVID Advice page from September. It is preserved here as am archive.

Will my child need to wear their school uniform in September?


Yes, when we return children will need to wear their school uniform. Depending on the weather they may choose to wear either their Summer or Winter uniform.


Can you look after siblings who start at a later time / finish earlier etc?


No, this won’t be possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


I need to drop my child off earlier than their bubble’s start time, can they wait somewhere until their bubble starts? 


No, this won’t be possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Will parents be allowed on the playground?


No, parents will not be allowed onto the playground. We know that this is change and we are sorry as we know that, as parents, saying goodbye and giving that kiss and a wave is really important. But it is a step we need to take to keep everyone safe.


How will classrooms be laid out? 


Department for Education guidance is that classes are set out in rows with children facing the front. 


Does my child need to bring a packed lunch or will hot school meals be provided? 


From September we plan to resume our hot school meals service. The cost for a school dinner is £2 per day. Payment will only be accepted via the school Eduspot platform, due to COVID 19 we are unable to accept cash. 

Children who wish to stay packed lunch can do so as usual. Lunches can be brought into school in a lunch box or bag, this does not need to be disposable. 


What will the curriculum be like when the children return in the Autumn term? 


We will shortly post further details of what the curriculum will look like for each year group. In designing the curriculum for the children’s return we have considered research that focussed on the impact of school closure on children’s learning. We shall shortly post a link to a webinar given by Doctor Lisa Maria Muller from the Chartered College of Teaching. 


In the first half term emphasis will be placed on English, Maths and outdoor activity. Children will also study Science, Art, RE, PHSE and History. This approach is to support the children in covering curriculum content that they have not covered due to COVID 19. We will review our curricula foci over the course of the first half term and review the subject balance for the second part of the Autumn term.


Where will my child store their coat etc?


We are excited to announce that over the Summer holidays we have had lockers installed. The lockers are easier for the containment of belongings and are not for security. Whilst the lockers close, they do not lock. Children will not be allowed to bring in locks for their lockers. 

Children will be allocated a locker when they return to school. 


Can my child bring a bag to school? 


Your child shouldn’t really need to bring a bag to school as all stationery your child needs will be provided. If your child does need to bring a bag it must be a small bag able to fit in their locker. Children will not be allowed to store items on top of their locker. 


Will residential visits take place this year? (For example Colomendy)


Government advice is against any residential visits.


Will Year 4 still have ukulele lessons as in previous years? 


No, these will not take place.


What should my child bring into school?


Your should not bring a pencil case or any stationery into school. We will provide any stationery your child needs.