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Collecting your child and dropping them off

The system for dropping off /collecting your child at school may be slightly different from what you are used to at Gilmour Infants.

Please bring your child to the play yard (supervision on the yard commences 8.45 am - our staff wear high visibility jackets so they are easily spotted!) you cannot access school yourself via this route, if you need to access the school building please come to reception first.  

At home-time your child will be brought onto the play yard by their teacher, if you are going to be a bit later than usual or somebody different to the person your child is expecting is collecting them, please call and let us know. At home time all of our teaching staff are generally on the yard and if you have questions or worries then is a good time to have a "Quick word". There may be times when a teacher has after school commitments and might be unable to speak to you there and then, but together you can arrange a future appointment.

As your child progresses through to upper Key Stage 2 (Upper Juniors)  you may feel it is appropriate for your child to bring themselves to school or go home alone, please inform your child's class teacher if this is the case. 

If your child is absent for any reason the school must be informed by a telephone call before 9.00 am followed up by a note to the class teacher explaining reason for absence.