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Curriculum at Gilmour

School Clubs, Teams and Enrichment


At Gilmour we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of clubs, teams and enrichment to further our development. These come in the form of a mixture of the arts and sports.

Clubs will run termly and you can apply for a place each term. Our afterschool and lunchtime clubs are run by our amazing teachers and teaching assistants. We also offer some fantastic opportunities for children to take up learning a musical instrument or singing with our wonderful MAGS (Music at Gilmour).



DayClubStaff Member

Year 5/6 Recorder 

Year 3/4 Film 

Year 3/4 Cooking 

Mrs Crawford (Finish time 4:15pm) 

Mrs Griffiths (Finish time 4:25pm)

Mrs Wakelin (Finish time 4:25pm)

TuesdayYear 5/6 FootballMr Barrett (Finish time 4:15pm) 
WednesdayYear 3/4 Fun and GamesMiss Watterson (Finish time 4:25pm) 

Year 5/6 Multisport

Mr Snowdon (Finish time 4:15pm)  


Year 4/5/6 Athletics

Year 5/6 Cricket

Mrs Tynan and Mr Barrett (Finish time 4:15pm)

Mrs Stanton (Finish time 4:15pm)

Please continue to check this page for up and coming clubs and how to apply for places.


How are places allocated?

Children are allocated places randomly with different children allocated places each time. We aim to ensure that as many children as possible are able to attend clubs across the course of the year.

As our clubs are often aimed at two year groups this does impact the number of places available to each year group.


Celebrating and displaying our children's wonderful work. 

At Gilmour our children take pride in their work, we love to display there efforts all around school.


We love to write at Gilmour.

Our curriculum has been specifically designed to allow us to explore many different genres and styles of writing covering all aspects of narrative, poetry, playscript and many more. 

Some of our amazing art work showing how we have progressed with our learning through each year group. 

Creating life long memories is something all children should thrive to do at Gilmour

We have so many amazing spaces around school for all children to be able to learn and grow together in such a variety of different ways.


Take a quick look at the ever developing Daniel Skeggs Memorial Garden and play area. This area has undergone some great redevelopments to transform an unused space into a flourishing garden, growing and learning area. We will continue to develop this area, using it to grow vegetables and plants that can be used as part of our Science and DT curriculum.