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The National Curriculum
Here at Gilmour Junior School we follow the National Curriculum. Should you wish to look at any aspect of the National Curriculum a copy can be made available upon request at the school office.
A copy of our curriculum maps are also available at the bottom of this page. This shows the topics covered in each year group. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.
English is the basic language of communication in our society, and is the foundation for almost all the learning which takes place in our school.
We use a full range of teaching techniques to ensure our children become as confident and competent as possible in the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
At Gilmour Junior school our planning for English is based upon medium term planning for English based upon the medium planning developed by the Liverpool Authority English Team. You can download a copy of this at the bottom of this page.
Maths is taught in mixed ability class groups. At Gilmour Junior school our planning for Maths is based upon medium term planning developed by the Liverpool Authority Maths Team. You can download a copy of this at the bottom of this page.
Maths is also taught through practical activities and games, as well a computers and calculators. Practical Maths is always extremely popular with pupils of all ages.
Through computing children learn to understanding how computers are programmed and how to write simple programs. Children are also taught how keep safe in the digital world.


Pupils are shown how to develop a basic knowledge and understanding of life and living processes; materials and their properties; of physical processes. Skills are developed by undertaking investigations, predicting outcomes, recording and drawing conclusions.

Foundation Subjects
These include History, Geography, Religious Education, Design and Technology, P.E., Music and Art.


Special Educational Needs
Children with special educational needs are ones whose needs are different from or in addition to those of others in the same age. A need may be short or long-term and may be a specific learning problem or of a wider nature.
Gilmour School's assessment of possible learning difficulties is based upon current educational policy.

How our Curriculum is organised: 

Our curriculum is based around half termly themes with an accompanying class text to support understanding and stimulate further interest. You can download an overview of the curriculum themes by clicking on the Curriculum Maps section below.