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Erin Murphy's Literary Award Story.

                     My Mum's A Secret Agent
"Come here Sophie, can I talk to you?" asked Lily. The tubby cat waddled towards Lily, then lay down by the warmth of the fire, to be baked like a loaf of the bread.
"Mum's gone missing again. She said she's going out with her boyfriend, James, but I know where she really is. She's gone on a secret mission, because my mum's a secret agent."
It seemed like ". Lillytime had stopped. Lilly thought it was the one special mission her mum was on.
Lilly could picture it, that heading, in all of the best selling newspapaers. FAME!
"My mum's been on loads of missions lately, Sophie." Lilly pulled out a handful of old, tattered magazine pictures from a tiny ragged briefcase. The pictures were of a model dressed up as a secret agent.
"See they are all of MY mum. What, Sophie? How do I know she's really a secret agent? Well I don't really, but she always does wear black and she solves the hardest problems, like the ones set by Mr. Howlett for maths homework. My mum, she's the BEST!"
BANG! The lights suddenly turned off and the spark from Lilly's eyes flickered and faded like a candle in a carol singer's hand on a white Christmas Eve.
"It's O OK Sophie, mummy will fix it." Drip, drip, drip, it came close. Lilly's whole future flashed in front of her eyes. The terrified girl slowly cuddled up to her cat and closed her eyes.
Sluggishly, Lilly opened her tired little eyes. The door suddenly shut with an ear splitting bang, the lights came on and mum, and her boyfriend James marched in proudly, with their hands locked together and the key thrown away.
"Oh sweety", said mum, in a sympathetic way, "the lightening must have made the power fail. Are you OK my ickle tiny munchkin?"
"Yes mum, your ickle munhkin's fine".
"Mum, I thought you were going to save me, you know, being a secret agent and that."
Lilly went bright  red in the face.
"Oh silly, I'm not a secret agent. I just play one in a TV show."
"Aaaaaaa! That's even better. MY mum's a TV star. No need to wait for fame, I'm there already. FAME! A great word."