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Thursday 9th July at 11am - National Assembly 

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4M Class Catch up - Monday 20th July at 1pm

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Week beginning: 13.07.20 (All advertised activities will not be available until Monday at the earliest) 

Last updated: 12.07.20

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Art - replaced with music


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Frog Play

We are using Frog Play as a platform for children to submit their work, often by multiple choice quiz. This is easier to manage at home as opposed to worksheets as not everyone has a printer at home. 


In English we are currently listening to The Railway Children. 

The audio book we are using can be found free of charge on the website.


If you enjoyed listening to the abridged version of Black Beauty, perhaps you will enjoy reading the full version? See a link at the bottom of this page: 


Subject  Task
Daily Practice: 

Complete spelling activity on Spelling Shed.

Read a book that interests you for 10 minutes.

Book reviews: 

If you have a read a book recently why not write a book review using our book review form? All the completed reviews will be put on our blog and who knows, your review might make somebody buy and enjoy the book as much as you did!

Complete your book review here!

First News: 

At the bottom of this page you can download a free copy of the "First News" newspaper which is specially written for children. Once you have read it, why not tell us about a story that made you think, changed the way you think or made you happy or annoyed on our blog. 

Please find the latest edition at the bottom of the page under First News. 

English: Monday

This week were looking at adventure stories!

Click on the Oak Academy link above to read an example text and answer the reading comprehension questions.

English: Tuesday

Click on the Oak Academy link above to read another example text and answer the reading comprehension questions.

English: Wednesday 

Click on the Oak Academy link above to read the example text and identify key features of adventure stories.

English: Thursday 

Click on the Oak Academy link above to find out about: Adventure Story (SPaG focus)

English: Friday 

Click on the Oak Academy link above to find out about how to use key features in order to write your own adventure story.

Maths: Daily Practice: 


Starts Monday 9am!


Our latest battle champions are:

1. Rudi W, Eliza N, Jessica C     2. Gracie T, Evan A, Sylvia G        3. Finley E, Evie B

Maths revision on Frog Play is finding the perimeter of a rectangle  

Click here for a lesson on perimeter


Maths: Monday


Summer term Week 12 - Lesson 1 (Work sheets are available at the bottom of this page)  

Maths: Tuesday


Summer term Week 12 - Lesson 2 (Work sheets are available at the bottom of this page) 

Maths: Wednesday


Summer term Week 12 - Lesson 3 (Work sheets are available at the bottom of this page) 

Maths: Thursday


Summer term Week 12 - Lesson 4 (Work sheets are available at the bottom of this page) 

Maths: Friday 


Summer term Week 12 - Lesson 5 (Work sheets are available at the bottom of this page) 


Click on the Oak National Academy logo to complete "How are organisms adapted to live underwater?" (Lesson 5) 



Watch and complete the lesson on "What resources does Chile have?" lesson 3 on Oak Academy and complete the quiz.  


Kidztype- Dancemat Level 2 - Stage 4 (Click Here)



Why not enjoy a daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks? Click the link below:

Daily PE session with Joe Wicks


Still got lots of energy? 

Why not refine your football skills with Jill Scott MBE, Manchester City and England midfielder: 


Jill Scott football session - 1:

Jill Scott football session - 2:

Jill Scott football session- 3:

Jill Scott football session - 4:  

Jill Scott football session - 5:

Jill Scott football session - 6:

Jill Scott football session - 7:

Jill Scott football session - 8:

Jill Scott - Easter challenge:

Jill Scott football session - day 9:

Jill Scott football music challenge:

Jill Scott football challenge:

Jill Scott football session - 10: 

Jill Scott football session- 11:





Music replaces art this week. Click on the Oak National Academy logo to have a go at singing a major and minor scale using solfege.



(Click here)

Complete the automatic drawing lesson and create your own abstract art work. If you like you could take a photo and email them to - we can display them on our web site.



(Click here)

Complete the circle challenge and If you like you could take a photo and email them to - we can display them on our web site.




Watch the video about Kandinsky and his painting Shaking(Shaukeln)


Choose from these emotions and feelings: sad, happy, excited, frightened, tired, anxious.

Which shapes and colours would best portray that feeling or emotion?


Draw the emotion in the style of Kandinsky. If you had fun, choose a different emotion and use different shapes and colours to portray it.


If you like you could take a photo and email them to - we can display them on our web site.



Watch this video about Andy Warhol and his painting Marilyn Diptych. (Click here) 




Follow along with Tate to create your own pop art in the style of Andy Warhol. 



Design your own soup can in the style of 'Campbell's Soup Cans', for which you will just need a pencil, paper and pencil crayons if you want to colour it. 



Banksy is a British Street and graffiti artist,who keeps his identity secret. He draws on walls and buildings in public places so that everyone can see his art. His work is often about politics and other important things.There was a painting of a rat by Banksy in Berry Street in Liverpool but we can no longer see this as it was sold for 3.2 million pounds. 

Click on the link and watch the video about this lockdown painting ,which was given to Southampton Hospital by the artist Banksy.

Click here

Your task is to design and draw an image that would help brighten the day for key workers in the Royal Liverpool Hospital and thank them for all they are doing for the people of Liverpool. What message would you send with your painting?


If you like you could take a photo and email them to - we can display them on our web site. 

Well being


This week we are drawing together our learning and preparing for next year. I hope you had a think about all of the different ways we can be healthy? As we get ready to come back to school it is okay to have different emotions. There is word search and 'fill in the blanks' section at the end of the page in the well-being block. Have a look and see all of the different words you have to express (tell someone) how you feel. Why not then try the quiz to check how much you have learnt and prepare yourselves for a great start back to school? Remember to login to

and look for 'Getting ready to come back - feelings'.



Thinking about how being healthy helps us to be happy. Watch the clip and then download the sheet at the bottom of the page. You can fill in the ideas of how you stay healthy.



I hope you were kind to yourself last week? Keep it up! This week we are looking at worries. Look at the PowerPoint below and then think about ways you can look after yourself when you are worried. There are some tips to help you. It is o.k. to have worries but we can use our energy to be positive as well. I hope you enjoy drawing or writing about your favourite place. Why not listen to this music, while you close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax and see yourself in that favourite place? You can listen to it for as long as you want to. You might even want to go to sleep with it.




Last week we were looking at how important it is to sleep. We all feel better when we have had time to sleep and look after ourselves. This is important as we need to be kind toy ourselves before we are kind to others. Have a look at this clip and think about what you are going to do this week to be kind to yourself. Practise this every day and you soon will be able to give yourself a hug without being told how to do it.

Want to do even more? 

Why not try: 

A fantastic website created by Pie Corbett (Creator of Talk for Writing) that broadcasts a daily podcast, choc full of writing ideas and activities. 


At 9am maths teacher, Gareth Metcalfe, will post two lessons a day. One for Year 3+4 and one for Year 5+6. Why not give it a try? 



Why not listen to David Walliams read one of his superb stories? 


Year 3 and Year 4 Writing Challenge: 

Click on one of the virtual tours below and then have a go at the challenge on our blog site. You are gong to write a post card: 

• The Vatican, Rome:
• Machu Picchu, Peru:
• The Louvre, Paris:
• Chester Zoo: You can re-watch the live tour of Chester zoo here:
• Buckingham Palace:
• Jerusalem:
• Central Park, New York:
• British Museum, London:
• Georgia Aquarium:


The writing challenge is here: