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How will my child be heard read?

How often will my child be heard read? 

During national lockdown we aim to hear them read once a week. 


How will I find out what time my child will be heard read? 

Reading timetables will be placed in the Timetables section of your child's year group Team, if your child hasn't been listed on the timetable and you would like your child to be be heard read, please complete the form by clicking on the links below and we add your child's name to list. Whilst you are able to select a preferred day we aren't able to guarantee this though we will do our best. The timetables will give time windows when a call will take place rather than a specific time. 


Will my child be heard read by their class teacher?  

No. Your child will be heard read by a member of staff but it is unlikely to be their class teacher. 


How will my child be contacted? 

If you can ask your child to log into Microsoft Teams for the time window when the call is due to take place a member of staff will call them over Microsoft Teams. The caller ID will be Reader 1, Reader 2 etc rather than a specific name. 


My child missed their call will you call back? 

Yes we will try to call back. 


Does my child need to have their camera switched on? 

No please keep your child's camera switched off. 


What will my child be heard read? 

Your child will be heard read from their book on the MYON virtual book platform.