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Kaspersky European esafety pilot - 26 March 2015

Dear Parents,
I have been made aware of a project that may be of interest to you.
Kaspersky are looking for six focus groups to take place across the UK during March 2015 and are aimed at exploring the needs of a family tool that would help parents manage the use of technology by their children. The goal is to examine, from the perspective of both parents and children, the online opportunities they wish to benefit from, the risks they want to avoid and the strategies they would like to put in place to achieve both.
Together parents and children will discuss the best ways to guide young people in becoming responsible users of the internet and the tools the would like to have for this. Finally the session will look at a beta version of a tool that is being developed by input from parents and children on how this could evolve to meet their needs. Families will be given the opportunity to pilot this tool over a 3-week period, supported by experts with an online parenting group on a social media platform.
It is planned that one such focus group would take place at school on Wednesday 1st of April at 9.15am - tea, coffee and nice biscuits will be provided.
If you are interested in taking part could you please send an email to:
I would like an idea of numbers by Monday lunchtime at the latest.
Best regards,
Chris McDonald