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Millie Stephenson's Literary Award Story

Running away with the circus
“Good bye Sofie” shouted my mum as I went on my way to school, my chocolate brown hair flowing in the autumn breeze. When I got to the school Alyce’s, my best friend, emerald green eyes were shinning.
“Sofie, Sofie, come and look at this,” Alyce was a year younger than me but very energetic.
I slowly walked over and I saw a poster for the circus. My eyes started shimmering like the sea.
“Alyce, I can afford for us to go!” I realised.
“I can’t wait,” replied Alyce.
On the day of the circus we said good bye to our mother’s and went to Mossley Hill train station. At the station we saw a very small man, very peculiar and he was red from crying. “Come and get a leaflet, my poor dog is lost, please take one.” Alyce took one and stuffed it in her pocket.
It was a long journey but we were happy when we got there. I liked the clowns the best.
After the show we were going out when Berlento Perritio the clown stopped us. “Ey, you would be good, little circus girls, would you come and ‘elp us” said a musky voice.
“I’m sorry but we have to go home now” I murmured.
“Come here you little brats” he shouted.
As we ran I told Alyce “Maybe my favourite is not the clown!” The clown was too fast for us and threw us in a small cage, with a familiar looking dog.
I wondered how on earth I was going to get out. Me and Alyce start rattling on to doors, we rattled and rattled, but no use. “Hey, hang on I know that dog. Alyce get out that poster with the dog on it,” I shouted excitedly. Alyce took out the poster, the reward was £250,00, and the dog which was missing was in the cage with us!!!!
I heard the Click, click, clicking of the Circus train setting off. The dog was bright white and had bright blue eyes. I started stroking him, and as I did so, I saw a crack big enough for us to get through. Me and Alyce and the dog jumped out onto the rack and we ran over and sprawled onto the platform. “He’s still on the track and a train is coming!” I sat and stared. I could not do anything but risk my life.
By Millie Stephenson