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My child needs to self isolate what happens next?

My child needs to self isolate - what happens next? 

When you discover that your child needs to self isolate please contact the school. You will be asked if you have accessed Microsoft Teams as we will post classwork onto that platform daily. If your child has to self isolate because a family member or someone they have been in contact with has tested positive we will also post classwork out to you.


If you child is self isolating because they are awaiting test results (This should be a matter of days) then your child will be able to keep up by accessing Teams. We will not post work out to you as it is likely that your child may be back in school by the time it arrived. 


My child has come to the end of self isolation and is ready to return to school. What should I do with the classwork that has been sent? 

When we sent your child's classwork out we will have included an envelope to return it. Please send your child's classwork into school with your child on the day of their return. Once back in school your child's work will remain in the sealed envelope for 48 hours.