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MYON virtual book reading platform

We have now switched to the MYON reading platform, which provides a personalised digital library for all children. It gives children access to more than 6000 enhanced digital books. Your child took a Star Reader test in school which provided a reading level and MYON gives your child books at this level. 

Using MYON means that books do not need to travel to and from school, reducing risk and the need to quarantine books. We do intend to return to real books in addition to MYON when possible. This digital library also means that pupils can carry on reading if they have to self isolate.

MYON works on all android and ios (Apple) devices. We ask that you child each evening (From Monday to Friday) for at least ten minutes reading. This is their reading homework in the same way that banded books used to be. If your child reads additional books at home they can post this is in the comments section of their account.