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Amazing athletes!

Our athletes did incredibly well - here is a full list of their achievements:

Demi Lee McMahon—district Long Jump Champion (Year 5)

Kira Wakelin—district high jump champion (Year 6)

Cory Harding—second in the Year 5 high jump

Tom Olyott—second in Year 5 long jump and also fourth in the 135 meter race (Year 5)

Jacob Bowsie - fourth in the 800 (Year 5) meters

James Askew - fourth in the 135 (Year 6) meter race.

Daniel Yates - fourth in the Long Jump and  sixth in the 75 meters race (Year 6)

Anna Fairbrother - fifth in hurdles and high jump (Year 5)

Skye Cassidy - sixth in hurdles (Year 5)

Amber Watkins - fifth in 135 meters.

Our Year 6 boys relay team came third!

Overall our boy’s team came third in the City Championships!