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Hostel collection - Friday 28th January 2022

On Friday 28th January there will be an Own Clothes day in return for donations of toiletries which we will distribute to local hostels. This was a cause that Mr Gibbons, former Headteacher of Gilmour Juniors who sadly passed away in 2020, was passionate about and every year he would come and speak to the children in assembly to raise awareness.

As he would put it much better than I would - here is the text from his last letter asking for donations:


Dear All,

              At this time of year there are many demands on your hard earned cash and many worthy causes, including your own families! I’m hoping though you can find it in your hearts to think of those who have fallen on hard times. 

It is through hard work and extra-ordinary kindness that we can pride ourselves in this city that the homeless can find a bed for the night and then a place in a hostel. When this happens quite often all they have is the clothes they stand up in and the gap between that moment and financial help is crucial in the attempt to build their self worth. That first wash can be so important and we provide the materials to enable them to feel clean and fresh, sometimes for the first time in months.

So, you can help by providing one, or some, of the items they will need, do not have, and that are not provided in the hostel.

If you can put in your supermarket trolley one, or several, of the following items, we would be very grateful! It is now a men’s and a women’s and a family hostel that we have links with so we require:

Face cloths, 

hand or bath towels, 

shaving foam,(very short!) 


tooth brushes, 

shower gels,                          

disposable razors,(very short!) 





Don’t forget we cater for women and babies as well now.

Peter Gibbons on behalf of Christ Church and St. Michaels (in the Hamlet)