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Letter regarding social media use


Dear Parents,


As you will know, social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter have grown in popularity over the last few years.


Most people who use social media are polite and show respect for one another in their postings and comments.


At Gilmour Junior School, we are particularly keen to ensure that no-one connected with the school uses social media to bully, intimidate or cause distress to other people.


There has recently been some coverage of online abuse in the national media. These arise from prosecutions brought by the Criminal Prosecution Service following investigations by the police.


We want to encourage our parents and carers to assist with the well-being of their children. If you feel that you have any issues regarding your child's schooling, please make an appointment to come and talk to us. We are always happy to listen.


As a school family, we believe we should all discourage the use of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter and other social media to criticise and to make comments about our school, the children who attend our school and the community it serves.


Yours sincerely,


Chris McDonald