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Liverpool position on return of year groups and childcare of key workers and vulnerable children

Dear parents, 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have wanted to keep you to date with such information as we have, often the school has heard this information at the same time as the general public and haven't been provided with any additional or other information. We have valued your overwhelming and patient support during this time. 

In response to the Government's announcement on Sunday evening there have high level meetings at Liverpool Local Authority which has lead to a city wide approach which has been shared with us this evening. 

As you will appreciate at this difficult time plans are under constant review and are evolving. Therefore it is important for me to stress that what is set out may indeed change, but I felt it important to update you. I will continue to update you as new information becomes available. 


Liverpool Approach:

  • As of the 22nd of May all Liverpool Safe Space Hubs will close. There is no mention in the Liverpool documentation of Safe Space Hub child care provision during the May half term. (Monday 25th - Friday 29th May) 
  • As of 1st June schools to open only for child care to their own pupils of Key Workers and Vulnerable Children only, where other safe child care is not available. (The definition of key worker remains unchanged).   
  • Whilst we are keen to see the return of children to school, their safety, and that of staff, parents and our community is always our highest priority.
  • We are currently gathering information and undertaking risk assessments to see what might be possible at Gilmour Junior school. 
  • The school is still awaiting further information from central government and the local authority. 

I will keep you updated as new information becomes available. Director of Children's Services Steve Reddy will write to all parents tomorrow. 


Chris McDonald