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Newsletter week beginning 4th May

Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your families are well during this troubling time. I thought that the easiest way to share any news or updates with you, in the short term, would be through the school website news facility. I will write a newsletter here each week.


COVID-19 updates

The most frequently asked question is are schools coming back on such and such a date, as a date has appeared in a recent news story. The answer is school leaders genuinely don’t know and can only read the speculation along with everybody else. It is unsettling and people understandably would like clarity and certainty but, unfortunately, I can’t shed any light.


I have updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19 page) with information about Free School Meals vouchers and Eligibility for government childcare. You can find the information on the link below:

Hub Child Care Model for Key Workers

The Hub childcare model continues to operate in Liverpool, hubs will be open on Bank holiday Friday, though which hubs will be based on need. You can find which hubs are open here:

Reading our work:

As part of the our weekly home revision we have a blog where children share their writing. If you have time to have a read of some of it and leave a supportive comment it  would be really appreciated. You can find a link below:

Wellbeing resources:

We have updated our “All you need to know about supporting your child with Special Educational Needs” page to include resources around wellbeing. You can find the link below.

Sharing what you have been up to:

We always like to know what you have been up to, if you are happy to share your photos with us and for them to be posted on the school website – please email



Until next week, do please keep well.

All the best,