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Our latest newsletter week ending 1st April

Dear parents,

Please see our latest newsletter. In this newsletter we have update on whole school and class attendance, our Easter Egg collection, our football team and our Cross Country team.

Also check out the community news section as Jacob Doyle has taken part in his first fight as part of his martial arts interests.

All the best,

Chris McDonald


In this newsletter:

  • Dates for your diary
  • Attendance whole school update
  • Pages you may find useful from around our website
  • Finish times - Friday 8th April
  • Learning Overviews for the second half of Spring term
  • Parents evening
  • Gilmour Girls versus Childwall (4-2 victory!)
  • Gilmour Juniors collection for Ukraine - update
  • What has been going on at Gilmour this week? Some images from around the school.
  • Easter egg collection for the hostels
  • Cross Country Race: City Championships
  • Was this newsletter helpful? An update from the latest responses
  • Community News

Please see the link below: