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Youth connect 5 series of training webinars

The following email is from Tony Neiman who is offering the training - see below: 


Hi all,
I trust you are keeping well in these difficult and challenging times. I am just contacting you to inform you that I have conducted my first successful webinar session of YC5 and am arranging another for this Monday. I am inviting any of you who are interested to attend with parents with also an aim to pass on this strategy to you. Please be directed to the YC5 website to book a place.

I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe during this difficult time.


Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, as parents/carers we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Parenting alone can present many challenges, but combining it with a global pandemic on our hands, family life may test our levels of resilience.


Following the success of our pilot remote Youth Connect 5, I will be delivering another course starting next Monday (4th  May).


Some of the feedback I received from last week’s course was:



“Your own mental well-being has a massive impact on yourself and children.”

“It gave me reassurance in what I'm doing right, and I need to let my children work things out for themselves and problem solve.”

“The help that you are given on the course is so easy to use and once it clicks, you get it and it changes you for life.”

“We think we're doing it right, and now I know when I am.”

“It helped me to look at my children differently and listening to them.”

“There's a volume of information, more than 10 hours of the course.”

“It has helped me to listen and speak to my children differently.”

“It has helped me to keep going with the whole plan. It gave me time in my life where I can talk”.


The overall aim of the course is to promote resilience (resilient families, ways to cope and support):


  • Understanding children and young people’s mental health
  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Understanding why we feel the way we do (emotions)
  • Life skills problem-solving


The course will take place over five days starting on Monday 4th May – Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020 (7 pm-9 pm).


Places are limited, so please only register if you are able to commit to all five days.


This will be a webinar event using Zoom. I will send a secure link to the session via email once you have confirmed that you are able to attend all 5 sessions.

Stay safe 



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