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Relationship and Sex Education Parental Consultation at Gilmour

We are currently consulting on our PSHE scheme and policy, you can find a link to a short explanatory video and a survey by clicking the links below. 

Relationship and Sex Education explanation video 

Parental Consultation Survey

PSHE Policy


PSHE at Gilmour


At Gilmour we use the Jigsaw scheme of work for the planning and delivery of PSHE. The programme of study is adapted to provide a relevant and age appropriate curriculum. Jigsaw is designed as a spiraling whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (puzzle piece) at the same time.


There are six Puzzles in Jigsaw that are designed to progress in sequence from September to July. Each Puzzle has six Pieces (lessons) which work towards an ‘end product’. 


Each Piece has two Learning Intentions: one is based on specific PSHE learning and one is based on emotional literacy and social skills development to enhance children’s emotional and mental health. Every Piece contributes to at least one of these aspects of children’s development. This is mapped on each Piece and balanced across each year group.


Mindfulness is at the heart of the Jigsaw scheme and each session starts with a mindfulness activity to ensure children are ready for learning. 


Have a further look at the scheme by heading to their website for more information:


 Each piece of the jigsaw (themes taught)



Puzzle name


Autumn 1: 


Being Me in My World


Includes understanding my place in the class, school and global community as well as devising Learning Charters

Autumn 2:


Celebrating Difference

Includes anti-bullying (cyber and homophobic bullying included) and diversity work

Spring 1: 

Dreams and Goals

Includes goal-setting, aspirations, working together to design and organise fund-raising events

Spring 2:

Healthy Me


Includes drugs and alcohol education, self-esteem and confidence as well as healthy lifestyle choices

Summer 1:



Includes understanding friendship, family and other relationships, conflict resolution and communication skills in Relationship Education


Summer 2:    

Changing Me

Includes Relationships and Sex Education in the context of looking at change*

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