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Question and answers for parents of children not in school

My child is not in school - what will remote learning look like? 

We have created  a remote learning section on our website which contains full details. Your child will be able to access learning each day via Microsoft Teams. 

There will be daily lessons in English and Maths and well as weekly lessons in: History, Science, Music,  RE and PHSE. There will also be daily learning review sessions via zoom as well as weekly individual reading sessions and year group assemblies in which merit certificates will be given. 

We will put a copy of each year group time table on the year group page of our website. 


Will my child get feedback on their learning? 

Yes, this is part of the purpose of the regular Zoom meeting as well as to discuss any misunderstandings your child may have. We are still timetabling Zoom calls that will start next week. Due to the fact that teachers are both teaching classes and supporting remote learning zoom calls are unlikely to be daily. Feedback will also be provided by the quizzes your child takes. 


My child is not in school and is entitled to free school meals. What will happen? 

We are currently purchasing vouchers and will shortly be contacting you to arrange delivery of these.