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Questions and answers for parents of children who will be attending school:

Does my child need to wear a school uniform?

Yes your child will need to wear a school uniform. 


Are drop off and pick up times the same as before schools were closed? 

No, they have changed: 

Year 3 and Year 6 - start time 8.50am - finish time 3.10pm

Year 4 and Year 5 - start time 8.40am - finish time 3pm


Are drop off and pick up gates still the same? 

Drop off gates remain the same. 

Pick up gates will be: 

Year 3 - Duncombe Road North 

Year 4 - Duncombe Road North 

Year 5 - Berners road

Year 6 - Berners road 

As there are less children in school children will not be exiting from the main entrance or the Domestic Science exit on Whitehedge road as they did when school was open. 


Which day will my child take part in PE? 


Your child will need to wear their PE kit and tracksuit if it is cold.


Week beginning 4th January 

Year 3 - Thursday (Afternoon)

Year 4 - Wednesday 

Year 5 - Thursday (Morning) 

Year 6 - Friday 


Week beginning 11th January onwards

Year 3 - Thursday 

Year 4 - Wednesday 

Year 5 - Monday 

Year 6 - Tuesday


Does my child have to attend school every day? 

When we contact you to confirm a place for your child we will ask which days you would like your child to attend school.


My child is due to attend school on a certain day but will be absent, what should I do? 

If your child isn’t coming to school but we are expecting them please contact the school in the usual way. 

If we don’t hear from you we will make a first response call as we would normally. 


Will my child be with their class teacher and in their classroom? 

No, your child will be with children in the same year group and may spend some time being taught by their class teacher but will also be taught by other teachers in the year group. Your child may not be in their usual classroom. 


What will my child be learning whilst in school? 

The learning in school will mirror the learning children who aren’t in school will complete as remote learning. We will place more details on the year group pages of our website. 


Will school meals be available? 

School meals will be available. If your child is staying for a school dinner the cost per day is £1.20 until February half term. If your child is entitled to free school meals then there is no charge as normal.