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Reporting to parents focus group

This group was set up in light of the changes to the National Curriculum and how children are assessed in school. The children currently in year 6 in our school and year 2 in the Gilmour Infants will be the last children to be given a National Curriculum level. As a school we wanted to make sure that the information that we shared was clear and so our focus group was formed and led by Mr. Shaw. 

Our work on reporting to parents

One of the first tasks was to consider how the school reported to parents. We had revised our report format last year and wanted to revisit this to see if there were any ways we could improve it further.

You said:

  • The general comments section was lovely and gave a real sense of your child and their time in their class.
  • You didn't want a lengthy narrative describing what your child had covered during the course of the year in each subject. You felt you had a good understanding of this already through parents evenings and talking to your child.
  • You preferred a report format that was concise and identified what your child had done well and what they could do to improve in each subject area.

We did:

  • Taking your feedback on board we have reviewed our report format (You can download a preview at the bottom of this page)
  • In our meeting on the 16th June we discussed sharing information about Standardised scores with parents. You can download a preview of this information sheet below.


Outcomes from the 15th September

The focus group met to review the revised school report template and to take feedback. Also to look at information which was soon to be shared with parents in our Welcome to year group meetings.

You said:

  • The revised report format was clear and had been well received by the focus group.
  • The results information from the standardized tests was informative, but asked if in future a covering letter could be sent to explain how the results information is generated.

We did:

  • As a group we considered the progress descriptions used by the school and we ensured that these were clear. The progress descriptions have now been shared with parents through our "Welcome to year group" meetings.
  • The school will draft an explanation letter regarding the results information reports.

When will this group next meet?

The next meeting of this group has yet to be arranged, but will be after the Autumn parents evening.