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SEND Policy

At Gilmour Junior School we are committed to fulfilling our mission statement be ensuring children with SEND are provided with high quality provision which meets their needs.


We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring all children have their needs identified and assessed – Having a clear and transparent approach for identifying pupils at the earliest point. (6.14)
  • Ensuring that children are provided with high quality provision which is differentiated and personalised (6.37)
  • Fully including children and their families in the life of the school.
  • Using a graduated approach for support.
  • Identifying and removing barriers to learning and putting effective provision in place. (6.44)
  • Using provision mapping to monitor programmes and interventions. (6.76)
  • Promote high expectations of and ensuring all children achieve their best. (6.1)
  • Developing the effectiveness of teaching and learning through monitoring and evaluation of approaches. (6.74)
  • Ensuring teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of pupils in their class. (6.4)
  • Supporting the emotional, mental and social development of children and young people, including extra support for listening to the views of children. (4.32)



Understanding different words and terms can be difficult when you are trying to understand about the provision and support available for your child. At the end of the SEND Policy and SEN Information report there are some useful Jargon Busting definitions. We are developing a more comprehensive document alongside our parents' group.

This link will take you to Gilmour Juniors information in the Liverpool Authority Family and Information Support Directory

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