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Soren's Nature Poem



The sun is a blazing wildfire, lighting up the world like a light bulb.

The sun is a flame, slowly making its way to a bomb.

The sun is an almighty fireball, lonely, waiting for a friend.

The sun is a heavenly orb, saving us from darkness.


The garden is a paradise, looking after its flower citizens.

It is a safe haven, keeping the grass green and healthy.

The fence is an army of soldiers, securing the perimeter.

It guards the garden as if it were a priceless turquoise diamond.


The flowers dance a jolly dance, swaying to and fro.

The wind whistles its happy tune, smiling as his gentle breeze covers the garden.

The watering can is a trampoline, launching the acrobatic water, performing daring feats.


By Soren Harding 2015