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Special Educational Needs focus group

This representative focus group was set up to ensure that we communicated the changes in The Special Educational Needs Code of Practise, and how the school was responding to them, clearly to parents. This group is led by our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Mary Lynch as well as being attended by Mark Askem (Governor):

This group has so far looked at:

  • Gilmour Junior school's Local Offer (For clarity)
  • Format for reviewing your child's progress during a Provision Map review meeting
  • Gilmour Junior school's Special Educational Needs Report (For clarity)

We asked our group for their feedback on the half termly meetings we had with parents to review their child's progress

You said:

  • The Provision maps were clear.
  • The half termly review meetings were helpful and informative but you wanted the agenda for meeting in advance as well as a space to record any questions you might want to ask.

We did:

  • The agenda and a format for recording any questions has been reviewed and a copy can be downloaded below.

A date for the next meeting of this focus group has not been set.