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What should I do if my child has COVID- 19?

Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19, or whose household member develops symptoms, should immediately self-isolate. They should not attend school and should follow the steps below:

  • Please contact the school of your child's absence by phoning school.
  • Stay at home: The person with symptoms should isolate for 10 days starting from the first day of their symptoms and the rest of the household for 10 days. 
  • You should arrange for your child should get tested via NHS UK or by contacting NHS 119 by telephone. 
  • If there is a delay in the laboratory diagnosis:
    • Your child should stay at home for 10 days. 
    • Siblings from the same household who attend school should stay at home for 10 days. 
    • Any other household contacts should self isolate for 10 days.