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Whistles and bells

At Gilmour Juniors we use whistles and bells which, if you aren't used to or expecting them, can be quite startling!

We regularly use a whistle:

  • At the start of the school day
  • At the end of play time
  • At the end of lunch time

When we blow the whistle it is a signal for all children to stop what they are doing and stand silently, the teacher on duty will then ask classes to walk to their lines.

The school bell is more difficult to hear if you are not inside the school building but is used at:

  • Start of the school day 8.55am
  • To indicate the start of assembly at 10.10am
  • Beginning of play time 10.30am
  • End of play time 10.50am
  • Beginning of dinner time 12pm
  • End of dinner time 1pm
  • End of the day (twice) at 3.15pm and 3.20pm

The fire alarm has a different sound to the school bell.