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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's Class Pages

In Year 6 we have two classes: Mrs Stanton's class, 6S and Mr McGilligan's class, 6M. 


Click below for a link to our Remote Learning Guidance:


Online Learning Tools

The school has a subscriptions to a number of online learning tools, your child will shortly receive a username and password for the following sites: 


Spelling Shed: 

Spelling made awesome! Log in to see the activities set for your child - activities will be set for Monday 23rd March.


Frog Play:

Online learning tools and quizzes linked to the National Curriculum:


Children can log in by entering the following information: 

School ID: 3412063
User Name: First name + Surname (all one word) e.g. JamieHoward
Password: Their D.O.B (format ddmmyyyy) e.g. 04072011


Timestable Rockstars:

A fantastic way for children to practice and compete against others. Your child should already have login details.

Explaining Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support

Simply click on the link below: 

Games to support practise at home


Home Reading

Please follow the link for access to reading books online. Usernames and passwords are the same as those for Spelling Shed.

Spelling Lists Autumn 2020

Tests to take place each Tuesday

Children have all been informed of their username and password for Spelling Shed so that they can also practise spellings online each week. For those children who do not follow these spelling lists, their alternatives can also be found each week on Spelling Shed.

22.09.20: allowed, aloud, descent, dissent, draft, draught, stationery, stationary, herd, heard

To be tested on 29.9.20

29.09.20: ambitious, infectious, fictitious, nutritious, repetitious, amphibious, curious, devious, notorious, obvious

To be tested on 6.10.20

6.10.20: developed, equipped, referred, persuaded, occupied, explaining, dragging, referring, promising, occupying

To be tested on 13.10.20 

13.10.20: delicious, atrocious, conscious, ferocious, gracious, luscious, malicious, precious, spacious, suspicious

To be tested on 20.10.20

20.10.20: simpler, simplest, curlier, curliest, hungrier, hungriest, wetter, wettest, sillier, silliest

To be tested on 3.11.20

3.11.20: official, special, artificial, crucial, judicial, beneficial, facial, glacial, especially, multiracial

To be tested on 10.11.20

10.11.20: potential, essential, substantial, influential, residential, confidential, celestial, preferential, torrential, circumstantial

To be tested on 17.11.20

17.11.20: languages, individuals, neighbours, communities, identities, opportunities, pennies, themselves, indices, women

To be tested on 24.11.20

 Check out our maths page for information and support