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Young Carers Policy

At Gilmour Junior School we believe that all children and young people have the right to an education, regardless of what is happening at home.


Defining a Young Carer:

A Young Carer is under 18 years of age and helps to look after a family member who has a disability, long term physical or mental health illness, or misuses substances. Caring can involve household chores, personal care, emotional support, communication support or looking after siblings and themselves. The level of responsibility assumed by a Young Carer is often inappropriate to their age and at a level beyond simply helping out with jobs at home which is a normal part of growing up.


It is much better to start from a positive base so our enrolment process will seek to establish if:

• The pupil lives with a family member who has a disability or long-term physical or mental health illness.

• The pupil has a responsibility for looking after that person over and beyond normal inter-personal relationships within a caring family setting.

• The family is in contact with a support service that could help reduce their reliance on the pupil.